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Magnetic power is our passion at FIDLOCK. Driven by turning the small and inconspicuous moment of opening and closing into an experience - always intuitive, always surprising.

The advantages of TWIST

Secure Locking

With strong magnets, the TWIST module is attached to the bike frame and is locked mechanically with one simple click – this ensures comfortable and safe handling, even under strain.

Intuitive Handling

TWIST modules can be removed with one simple “TWIST” to the side, which makes it ideal for tight bike frames where a normal bottle cage would not fit.

Modular System

All modules are compatible with all bases and can be exchanged. One interface offers countless possibilities!


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With more than 10 million magnetic helmet buckles, FIDLOCK has made a name for itself in the bike industry. They are even market leader in Germany when it comes to school bag fasteners.

TWIST is FIDLOCK’s very first product line intended for the direct retail. They feature FIDLOCK’s tried and tested concept – all the fun and power of magnets combined with a secure mechanical locking. By freeing the bottle from its cage, FIDLOCK conquered the bike accessories aftermarket with its revolutionary magnetic-mechanical mounting system.

TWIST is a magnetic-mechanical bottle mount system that combines the advantages of a magnetic latching with those of a mechanical locking. Strong magnets attract, center, and latch different modules to the base at the bike.

TWIST stands out with an innovative design, stylish look, and easy handling.

Apart from the big magnetic-mechanical water bottle with a capacity of 600 ml, FIDLOCK also offers a smaller and more compact bike bottle with 450 ml volume for those tight and small frames or kids bikes. The universal bottle holder, the TWIST uni connector, turns every bottle into a FIDLOCK bottle. No matter if it’s the favourite bottle, the coffee mug, or any soft plastic bottle. Thanks to the BOA® Fit System they can all be integrated into the TWIST system. If there are no bottle cage mounts on the bike or the bottle is supposed to be positioned elsewhere, the universal TWIST uni base with reclosable zip ties can be positioned anywhere on the bike. And if the journey continues by foot, the modules can be attached to any belt, backpack, or strap thanks to the TWIST tex base. There are not only spare bases available, but also bottles without the magnetic-mechanical connector.

Because the entire TWIST system is modular, meaning all modules are compatible with all bases and can be exchanged. One interface offers countless possibilities! This makes the change to a different base, bottle size or bottle colour possible.

PUSH is FIDLOCK’s magnetic-mechanical quick release system for saddle bags. With only one PUSH, the bag is disconnected from the saddle mount and is just as easily reattached thanks to the magnetic guiding into the mechanical locking.

The new HERMETIC dry bags mit Gooper® technology complete the product portfolio. The only hermetically self-sealing dry bags that protect the insides securely from water and sand. Perfect for outdoor fans and bikers, who are not afraid of rain and mud!