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VACUUM wins Design & Innovation Award 2021

FIDLOCK proudly announces that the new smartphone mount VACUUM has won the Design & Innovation Award in the category "Equipment Offroad"! VACUUM is the latest technology from the German think tank, which uses the power and fun of magnets as usual. However, unlike other FIDLOCK...
Fahhrad wird am Strand durch den Sand geschoben

Bikepacking – Individual Bike Adventure

Have you ever tried bikepacking for yourself? To grab your bike, pack the most important things, strap them to your bike and just start your adventure? Bikepacking has already become a trend in recent years, and in 2020, it became even more popular due to social distancing and travel...
Fahrradfahrer auf Schotterweg in den spanischen Bergen

The Badlands 2020

Self-supported ultracycling through Spain 720 kilometres and 15.000 metres of elevation in a maximum of seven days. No checkpoints, no warm hotel bed waiting for you at the end of a long day. Just you, your bike, and your equipment. Through the rough, vast landscape of Spain’s BADLANDS. Through...
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The new TWIST bottle with Overmolding Technology

FIDLOCK aims to turn the inconspicuous moment of opening and closing of all kind of fasteners into an experience by combining the fun and power of magnets with a secure mechanical locking. TWIST aims to do the exact same – turning the seemingly insignificant moment of hydration on the bike into a...
Gelbes Fahrrad Flasche Waldboden
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From the first FIDLOCK bottle to the new TWIST bottle 590

We had to wait a while, longer than anticipated, but finally, we are celebrating the launch of our new FIDLOCK TWIST bottle 590, which made us remember the beginning of the TWIST system. It all started with FIDLOCK’s mission to make the moment of closing or connecting to something special....
News, Teams

Home Trails – Interview with Katharina Kruse

We met with Katharina from the Ibis-FIDLOCK Racing Team on a sunny, but freezing cold day in the Deister, Germany, where we shooted new products and talked to her about cycling in the cold season. Winter’s unpopularity is actually quite unjustified if you only know how to deal with it. Katharina...

FIDLOCK signs exclusive licensing agreement with GOOPER

After many successful years in the magnetic fastening industry, FIDLOCK’s growth now allows the incorporation of other innovative brands The previous years of growth have established FIDLOCK in diverse industries: helmet industry, (school) bag industry, bike industry, footwear industry and...

FIDLOCK goes Eurobike 2019

Annually, you can explore diverse products and innovations for the biking industry at the globally leading bike fair Eurobike, located in Friedrichshafen. The FIDLOCK portfolio already covers many attaching solutions or fasteners with easy, single-handed operation – ideally suited for bikes and...

Pivot Cycles Devo Team

Who is the Pivot Cycles Devo Team? "Devo" in the Pivot Cycles Team stands for "Development". Pivot wants to create better conditions for young, talented athletes who aim to participate in races. The team is made up of Abby Hogie and Janis Lehmann. Abby is an American living in Heidelberg,...