Tillit Gravity Team

This team has an international focus. With German and American members, the Tillit Gravity Team is already set up internationally. But their bike career also takes them all over the world.



As a dynamic team of ambitious riders, the Tillit Gravity Team combines the fun of biking with professional goals. Even if they never miss out on having fun, they try to get the best out of themselves every time. The ambitious team members support each other and learn from one another. Above all, it is important to them that they get on well with each other. The riders not only come from all over the world, but also have very different interests and skills with which they can perfectly complement the team:


Abby is particularly fascinated by fast descents. Besides Biking, she loves training science as well.

Nico is currently well on the way to becoming a physiotherapist, which can certainly be an advantage in this sport. When it comes to downhill riding, he is at the forefront.

Matthias brings a lot of experience especially in downhill riding to the table and is thus a great addition to the team.

Torben brings knowledge from his mechanical engineering studies into the team. Especially with his bike know-how, he can’t be stopped from making the downhill and enduro trails unsafe.

David not only complements the Tillit Gravity Team in his role as Team Manager. He also contributes to the success as a Bowhead Rider.

They travel together from race to race in the summer and discover new, beautiful areas. They want to make a name for themselves in Germany through national and international rankings at these races. The ultimate goal is to get many young people and adults excited about their sport.

For the Tillit Gravity Team, the closeness to nature and the versatility of the sport are good reasons to get on the bike again and again. Whether during training sessions, on long tours, or in competitions – the TWIST bottles are always with them. Due to the pandemic, there were no catering areas at the Enduro World Series 2020 in Finale Ligure in Italy. But because of the enormous heat and the demanding altitude profile (2000 hm/day) with full protective equipment, however, it was important to drink a lot. Thanks to the FIDLOCK uni base, Torben was able to attach more water bottles to his enduro bike and thus successfully finished the race in 47th place. We are happy to be able to contribute to the success of the Tillit Gravity Team and hope for many more stories to come in the future!