Ibis-Fidlock Team

The Ibis-Fidlock Racing Team is made up of Mirjam Kuhn and Katharina Kruse – two women, who have so much fun on their enduro bikes and who participate in races together.


Who is Mirjam Kuhn?

Miri is 21 years old and has been riding her bike since the age of eight. In the bike community she is well-known for her distinct bike and body control, which she got from her time as a cross-country competitive athlete.

During her training as a nurse, Miri has one goal: to enjoy life with friends and to start with them in races. Her long-term goal is not only to be a national player, but also to successfully compete in the Enduro World Series.



This is Katharina Kruse:

At the age of 22, Katharina has been on the enduro for only two and a half years. But what she lacks in experience she makes up with her passion for the sport and her ambition. She has the most fun when she sits on the bike with other people and can enjoy a laugh and the beauty of nature.
What drives Katharina is not the appeal to win, but the attempt to push herself and constantly improve her own performance.



Founding of the Ibis-Fidlock Team

In August 2018 the two ambitious women had the idea to start their own all-women team – and this idea now turned into reality. In Ibis they quickly found a good partner for their enduros, and since 2019 Fidlock is the second main sponsor. They did not have to wait long for the first successes either:

For example, Miri got a hold of the 1st place in the Trailtrophy series 2018, came 2nd in the Rosstrappendownhill in the elite category and finished 4th in the German Enduro Championship.

Katharina came 2nd in the Trailtrophy series 2018 and became German Enduro university champion.


Season 2019

The new season also started very successfully: At the Trailtrophy St. Andreasberg, Miri came 1st with a significant distance to the first runner-up, Katharina rode on the 5th place. At the Alpine Series in Paganella the two came 1st in the team category.