Ibis FIDLOCK Racing Team

On epic trails in just seconds, playfully transforming every roughness into power and melting with bike and trail in the rush of speed: Enduro means for the IBIS FIDLOCK RACING Team to celebrate biking in its purest form.
In training they are looking for the ideal line, ride through breathtaking nature and mountain scenery and enjoy the good atmosphere that prevails in the enduro scene. Despite all their ambition, fun is their top priority. Of course the after-race beer tastes even better with the one or other podium finish in their luggage. At German and international events they have succeeded in doing so more and more often in recent years. In 2020 they want to chase seconds together, push the pedals and enjoy life on the bike. With the Fidlock company the Team has a strong partner for 2020.

The unexpected situation in spring 2020 also slows down mountain biking – races are postponed and winter training is not rewarded with racing success. The team does not stick the head in the sand, keeps fit and is looking forward to a reunion when the situation has calmed down.


Adrian Vesenbeckh

Whether on a bike, on skis or climbing: Adrian usually finds his passion in sportive adventures on a high level. He is well experienced with the bike: five years in the downhill national team as well as top 10 placements in the Junior World Cup and European Championships. After a few years off the mountain bike, he was able to celebrate a successful comeback in the enduro scene in 2017 and is now one of the fastest enduro riders in Germany. As a full-time photographer and graphic designer, he is responsible for action-packed photos and visual high gloss around the team.


Anton Wünscher

New in 2020 is Anton. The 26-year-old mechanical engineering student from the Taunus region is always up for a fun time. Anton loves bicycles, whether enduro, dirt bike, crosser or road bike. Due to his background in motocross and downhill, he has everything that makes a successful enduro racer. In 2019, Anton proved his exceptional speed with two top 5 finishes in the Alpine Enduro Series.


Katharina Kruse

The second new member of the team is Katharina. She has only been riding enduro for 4 years and still has a lot of potential. What she lacks in experience, she makes up for with her passion for the sport and her incredible ambition. She has the most fun when she can sit on the bike with friends, laugh together and enjoy nature. She enjoys racing, trying to get the best out of herself and improve her own performance. Besides cycling, she is studying visual communication in Hannover.


Tim Schüz

Tim is part of the team for the third season. As a student of mechanical engineering, he is not only interested in the speed of the bike, but also in the technical details behind it. He is always available for relaxed laps with friends, but he also loves to torture himself in training. With his clear and consistent riding style and technical know-how he is constantly trying to get a little bit more out of himself.